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The Early Bird Films Story

What is Early Bird Films? It is a simple, no-nonsense, collector oriented film sales site. My name is Tom Wills, and as a collector who has bought many films online, I wanted a way to bring films to market without having to play the games associated with auctions. I will be listing films for sale on other sites too, but this will be my main outlet.

With thousands of films in my collection and a comprehensive FileMaker Pro database to manage it, my goal is to bring films to market at reasonable prices with as much condition information as possible. My experience buying films with hardly any descriptions online for wildly fluctuating prices led me to believe that I needed a stable space to sell films where I could explain the details I knew about the films to the best of my ability. Basically, I realized that I wanted to sell in a more stable environment and sleep at night knowing that I sold a film for a fair, upfront price, not holding back the gory details of unavoidable film wear. It is that simple.

Shipping Policy

All orders will be shipped by either media mail or priority mail. A flat fee of $3.00 will be added to each order for insurance, delivery confirmation and packing materials. This fee is not negotiable, as I will always insure packages for the value of their contents and get delivery confirmation.

Return Policy

Unless clearly stated in the "Short Sales Description" field, all films can be returned for a full refund (minus shipping and handling costs) if the content or condition is not as described.